How are children’s toys classified?

Generally speaking, children's toy stores subdivide toys according to children's age: such as 0-3 years old, 3-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-14 years old, etc. But if according to the material, the general children's toys include wooden toys, metal toys, plush toys, etc.; but sometimes, the classification of children's toys usually varies from person to person, rather than fixed. Take me as an example, I will classify and share children's toys at home according to the following categories, and I also hope to give some parents and friends some reference:
Enlightenment toys. Keys are used for babies to let babies know the shape or color of objects, hanging toys that can be hung on the bed or small animal toys of various plastic products to help children inspire their ideas.
Living toys. In life, the key for the baby is to imitate or play some social roles. According to these toys, it strengthens his understanding of the world around him and can help the baby experience the social roles of the adult world and enrich his social knowledge, more commonly: doctor sets, parking Field sets, carpenter sets, etc.
Educational toys are cognitive toys that can help children further inspire their IQ, such as puzzles, sets of towers, sets of bowls, chess, etc. It is also the one that parents are most interested in and the most purchased toy.
Tech toys, tech toys that mostly rely on some clockwork or inertial or battery-controlled remote control toys, are of great interest to boys.
Musical toys, which can spread some beautiful musical toys, such as various analog electronic pianos or some pronunciation children, dogs or morning stars kindergarten, etc., such as Barbie dolls, are children's favorites.
Fitness toys, we can also call them sports toys, such as various balls, various vehicles, tricycles, scooters, electric cars, bicycles, badminton, flying, windmills, kites and other traditional sports toys, these toys can help children grow healthy.

Post time: Jul-16-2022