How to choose children’s toys?

We all know that toys are good assistants for educating children and assisting their growth. Today, most parents buy toys for their children. As everyone knows, safety production accidents have occurred frequently because of wrong operation of toys or poor quality of toys. So, how to choose children’s toys? How to apply security? The Children’s Toy Testing Center will introduce the common problems related to the purchase of children’s toys in detail.
Security is always a standard.
For toy products, safety should be a buying criterion.
Children’s toys should be protected from risk elements on the surface, such as sharp edges, risk highlights, etc.;
Children sometimes put toys in their mouths, and it should be ensured that the raw materials of toys do not contain harmful compounds;
Bounces from toy guns and hand slingshot products are prone to damage to children. Water bombs and crystal bombs are at risk of shock after they absorb moisture and expand, and children are not recommended to purchase the application;
When buying toys with rulers and calipers, be sure to pay attention to whether the physical structure of the parts is safe;
Shower room toys, puzzle floor mats, etc. for children, pay attention to whether small parts and spherical structures have potential risks.
The most common new items in daily inspections are:
Such as:
The average thickness of the toy outer packaging box (packaging bag or plastic film) is less than 0.038mm specified in the specification. If the thickness is too thin, it is very easy for children to suck the plastic film into the oral cavity and nose, and there is a risk of shock;
In order to better connect the magnet with various toy components, manufacturers often use many small magnets with relatively large magnetism. Because of their small size, it is very easy for children to swallow them during play;
Some toy shell raw materials are relatively brittle, which is very easy to cut the top of the child; the mechanical energy of some bouncing toys exceeds the specified limit value, and there is a risk of being shot by bouncers.
This risk of organic chemical damage cannot be ignored.
Children’s toys are also at risk of organic chemical damage. Common compounds with transferable elements and specified tackifiers. Organic chemical damage has the effect of diffuse accumulation, and usually enters the body in the form of saliva, sweat, stomatology, respiratory system, intravenous injection, skin digestion and absorption, and then affects physical and mental health.
If crystal mud toys must pay attention to whether there is too much boron, it is harmful to children’s reproductive system, growth and development and central nervous system;
The surface of children’s toys is bright, and heavy metals such as arsenic and lead are likely to exceed the standard, damage the core of capillary fitness exercise, and even have the risk of carcinogens;
Soft plastic toys should pay attention to whether the thickener exceeds the standard, so as not to affect the growth hormone system software of children who are more sensitive to growth and development.
Purchase according to the specific situation of the baby.
When children of different ages buy toy products, they should adhere to appropriate standards according to the development trend of their IQ.
The interpersonal skills of 3-4-year-old babies are rapidly improved, they start to learn alone, they like to imitate adults, and they choose the integration of brain and hands-on toys, which can allow babies to get a great learning platform based on educational toys, such as Lego blocks, remote control car, etc.
4-6-year-old children’s expression, understanding, social media, and logical reasoning are all developing rapidly, and they can choose toys such as small third-order Rubik’s cube and bubble clay.
Tips for buying children’s toys:
First of all, pay attention to whether there is a relative warning language in its statement;
Secondly, teach the baby reasonable game play;
Third, some toys should pay attention to whether they have the CCC mark;
Then, whenever possible, buy branded products on a guaranteed basis.
To put it simply, look at the applicable age, look at the safety warning slogan, look at the reasonable date, look at the operation method, look at the assembly steps, and look at the quality assurance.

Post time: Apr-21-2022