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When a new toy is made, it is not easy to put it on the consignment and sell it immediately, but it is sent to the toy and play laboratory first. The toys there are reviewed by many babies and parents every year. Children can play freely there. The scientific research staff carefully observed the children’s preferences and game play, and clearly pointed out stronger toy modifications or technological innovation proposals. In addition, they will teach children and parents how they can play better to make the most of the practical value of the toy. Dr. Kathlenalfano is a research toy physician and responsible for the toy play laboratory. Parents invite her to share resources with you about the issues that matter most to you, such as choosing and using toys.
Toy and Age: The outer packaging of the toy will indicate its appropriate age. What is the practical significance of this reference? The growth and development of some mothers and babies requires contingency. Can they give a 6 month old baby a toy written for 9+ months ahead of time?
Dr. Alfano: The age group indicated on the toy’s outer packaging is there to give parents a reference to what kind of baby the toy is suitable for. Or how many babies will be interested in this toy. Many toys are emblematic of a suitable age group, such as 6~36 months, which means that 6-month-old babies will gradually become interested in this toy, while babies over 36 months are not easy to fit. Play or do it to play. Of course, this is just a reference data information, it does not mean that you can’t give your baby over-age toys in advance. But when playing with over-age toys, you need to pay attention to two points: one is safety performance, and the other is work ability adaptability. Suitable for ages up to 12 months. Toys from reliable brands are tested according to the same testing standards and are therefore safe, at least for babies, but be aware of older age. For example, toys for 3-year-olds will produce more and more small prefabricated parts, so be careful that the baby does not need to eat it in advance. Second, it depends on whether the baby has the ability to work and play. If they have no interest in the baby, then it is not easy. If there is a good toy, parents feel that they will buy it for the baby sooner or later, or the baby will love it. Of course, you can buy it in advance and let the baby play first, but it is necessary to pay attention to the development of play and take care of the baby’s feelings.
Colors and **Parents: Compared with traditional toys with a single function, the colors are bright. Are toys with various functions more suitable for babies? If a toy is too rich for the baby’s sex, will it cause relative expected effects, such as distracting the baby’s attention, and even causing visual fatigue? PhD student Alfano: Actually there are no rules. For example, Fisher-Price’s seven-color rainbow toss has been around for decades, but it’s still a classic even today, and this colorful, singing and vocal toy is perfect for babies. It is precisely because the baby loves tones and music that the toy designer will make the toy design beautiful. Studies have shown that if a toy has multiple points of attraction, it will attract the baby’s attention better, and the baby will spend longer playing. However, if a toy is too rich for the baby’s pleasure and comes from safety awareness, the baby will give up the toy, which is especially noticeable in the baby’s body. But I don’t know that the toys produced by the vast majority of public and professional toy manufacturers are not easy to cause too much irritation to the baby. Taking Fisher-Price as an example, everyone has professional ophthalmologists and doctors who are responsible for the saturation of the lighting effects of the toys. Spend. Blink frequency. Sound tensile strength, etc., to ensure that they do not interfere with the baby’s physical health. Also, if you’re worried that the toy will excite your baby, don’t do it for him before bed, and if it’s also daytime playtime, you should get him to play hard.
Bilingual toys Parents: There are many bilingual toys designed for babies, but if a toy can only speak a few English words, how much function will it have for the baby? Dr. Alfano: Bilingual toys can indeed help babies learn Chinese, but its meaning is not only in what everyone sees, but also in letting babies master one thing from an early age. In addition to Chinese, there are other expressions. This feeling will be aroused in the baby’s future learning process, and he can also have a great multi-dimensionality to popular culture. Therefore, early education is very important.
Creativity: Do too many real toys limit your baby’s creativity and imagination? And some indescribable toys, and even toys that are not toys (such as home decorations), will they make full use of the baby’s play ability? Dr. Alfano: This question should be analyzed according to the age of the baby. Until the age of 3, it seems that real toys are actually more conducive to the development of the baby’s creativity, but it is not until the age of 4.5 that he is basically creative. For example, a 1-year-old baby loves to play with the phone, but he can only imagine holding a phone or a toy phone in his hand. At the age of 4, he can take anything or nothing and pretend to play a game of phone calls. Therefore, the smaller the baby, the more real and specific the toy should be. As he develops, he can play creatively with other objects. Even if a baby doesn’t have toys at home, he will go through the growth process that most babies will go through. Toys can’t do everything for babies. The most important practical significance of the toy is that it is like an irreversible stimulator for babies, which can develop more smoothly to the next stage.
Toys and personal hobbies orgy party: If the baby is only interested in the same toy for a long time and has no hobbies in other toys, do you need to interfere with his hobbies and make him touch other objects? Dr. Alan: If it were me, I could make my child love his own things, but in addition, I would apply his passion, make the most of his personal hobbies, and expose him to some other professional skills. If the baby only likes to play with the car, I can say to him: Let’s make a little ** together! Or ask everyone to count how much money you have for a car! Or make everyone line up the cars from weak to strong! Or let everyone see what cars are good to match each other! . . You can still get your baby a small digital camera, take him to a real car, take two pictures, talk about the car’s color, license plate number, logo and specifications, or tell him a The short story about the car makes him draw a car, so that the baby can grasp the car more platform. There is no problem with only indulging in one thing. The key is how parents apply their baby’s single personal hobby to make full use of and expand.
Buying toys: If you don’t accompany your baby to the mall to pick out toys, you can worry that he doesn’t like the items he buys, but if you go to the mall, you can worry about everything he wants. Do you have any suggestions for this vexing problem? Dr. Alan: In fact, babies can easily be harsh in shopping malls. But don’t know, if you just leave him at home, you don’t know what toys he really likes. I suggest that parents go to the mall, write down a toy that their child might like, and then go back to big data technology to find out what others say about it. If you take your child there, just observe what he is interested in, you don’t need to buy it right away, go home and give it a full consideration, take an online survey, and then buy it next time. These days, more and more parents are doing this kind of research before buying a toy, rather than just following advertisements. In fact, you can still use your own likes and dislikes, because you and your child spend time with each other day and night. As a game, your judgment is usually sound, and your baby loves toys.
1. Lego toys – can reasonably exercise the baby to effectively control his body and improve the hand-eye coordination ability. 2. Small child or child – the material is soft and can be played with, as if Lego toys belong to most toys. 3. Books – according to the baby’s age, according to all photos. Image size. Then select the specification of the purchased word. 4. Scenario Toys – If it’s a girl, you can give her a barbie princess scenario wooden house, while a boy can have an ancient castle or other similar little designs. These toys are good for stimulating divergent thinking, and the building and dismantling functions can also exercise their layering and practical operation flexibility of small body muscles. 5. Toys with wheels – Babies can push toys with wheels and pull them up. When they grow up, they can ride bicycles. Outdoor sports can practice their health. Therefore, wheels are also one of the classic sports and fitness. The ball can also be played outdoors. 7. Drawing Tools – Art sketches are a great theme activity. It can practice your creativity. 8. Play the game – the biggest part, relatively easy. You can make your baby this playful toy, or some memory game. The key is to play the game itself. Of course, different age groups are suitable for playing different games, which should be made according to the age and characteristics of the baby.

Post time: Mar-16-2022