Children’s educational toys can stack large blocks

Children’s educational toys can stack large blocks


Product Size:36*18*11cm



Package Size:80*37*53cm

Item No:20004*1

place of production:China

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Product Features:

1.This product has four colors of red, yellow, blue and green. The bright colors arouse children's interest and improve children's awareness of colors.

2.There is a non-slip strip at the bottom of the building block, so that the building block fits perfectly, not easy to slide to improve stability and will not damage the floor.

3.Using food-grade environmentally friendly PP material, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy. The product is smooth and burr-free, protects the baby's delicate skin, and allows users to play more at ease. The weight of each block is suitable for the child's physical strength, it is effortless, and it will not be injured if hit by the block

4.The building blocks can be stacked and stored without taking up space. Children can organize themselves with their parents.

Product function

1. When the baby is playing with building blocks, he can understand the relationship between space and shape, experience the meaning of space firsthand, and improve the ability of space imagination.

2.Coordination and hands-on ability. The process of stacking wood can exercise the dexterity of the hands, especially some complicated and difficult building block patterns, so as to better exercise the coordination ability of the hands.

3. Children need to conceive the shape in advance before playing with building blocks, which is very helpful to the child's logical thinking ability.

4.Exercise imagination. Building blocks are like paintings. They express their imaginary patterns by playing with building blocks, and regular play can exercise people's imagination.

5.Cultivate observation ability. The process of playing with building blocks is a process of restoring life scenes, which is inseparable from careful observation of life scenes.

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