PLASTIC BUILDING BLOCK Construction Creative Toy 

PLASTIC BUILDING BLOCK Construction Creative Toy 


Product Size:45 pcs. Set includes, 27 pcs 25.5*12.5*6cm Blocks , 18 pcs 12.5*12.5*6cm Blocks

Packing:45 PCS(BIG 27PCS+SMALL18pcs)/ CTN


Package Size:60*36*33cm

Item No:20002-1

place of production:China

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Product Feature:

1.Using food-grade environmentally friendly PP material, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and healthy. The product is smooth and burr-free, protects the baby's tender skin, and allows users to play more at ease.

2.The colors are colorful and bright.We have four color:red yellow blue green. Arouse children's interest and improve children's cognition of colors. Simple geometric shapes create infinite structures and designs.

3. Lightweight materials, it won't hurt when hit and children won't play too hard.

4.The size is large, there is no risk of swallowing, and there is no need to worry about not being able to find blocks. Easily build large buildings.

Play Value:

1.Cultivate observation ability. The process of stacking wood is a process of restoring life scenes, which is inseparable from careful observation of life scenes. Frequent playing with building blocks can cultivate the ability to observe.

2.Exercise imagination. Building blocks are like paintings. They express imaginary patterns in the way of stacking wood. Often stacking wood can exercise people's imagination.

3.Coordination and hands-on ability. The process of stacking wood can exercise the dexterity of the hands, especially some complicated and difficult building block patterns, so as to better exercise the coordination ability of the hands.

4.Improve communication skills. Pilewood is not just a game for one person. It can be played by many people together, which not only improves the fun of piling up but also improves people's communication skills.Cultivate creativity. Stacking wood is a creative activity. By

5.creating new building block patterns, one's own ideas can become reality and people's creative thinking can be cultivated.

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