Non-slip plastic Cylinder stilts

Non-slip plastic Cylinder stilts

The Weplay Stepping Stones comes as a set of 3 pairs, it helps kids work on balance and coordination. The pebble-like stilts have rubber anti-slip guards and adjustable ropes. Once the ropes are removed, the stilts can be used as stepping stones. Both sides can be used to train for balance.

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The Stepping Stones have a rubber anti-slip design and the ropes are adjustable. Once the ropes are removed, the Stepping Stones can be used for balance training on either side.

Non-slip cylinder stilts
Product Size:Bucket height 12cm  Bottomφ14cm  Foot treadφ10cm
Packing:15 pairs/ ctn
Age:Over three years old
Package Size:68*42*36.5cm
Item No:20031-1
place of production:China
Maximum Load:70kg

Walking on stilts is a traditional folk sports game in our country, and it is also a sports activity that young children like very much. This product reduces the difficulty of walking on stilts and is suitable for children. When children are playing on stilts, they can develop balance ability and movement coordination. Can be used for parent-child interaction, team games, kindergartens, etc.

Product Feature:
1.Adjustable rope-the two ends of the tether are tied together or the ends are knotted inside the stilts to fix the rope and change the length of the rope to suit your height and arm length.
2. High-quality materials: made of environmentally friendly PP material, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy. The thickened sides of the bottom of the stilts prevent the barrel from collapsing; the raised circle on the top increases the slip resistance and stimulates the touch of the soles of the feet. There is a non-slip strip at the bottom, which allows children to walk more stably and protects the floor from scratches.
3.Exercise-This product is specially designed for toddlers and helps develop children's motor skills, enhance coordination and balance. The user only needs to grab the adjustable rope, place his feet on the sturdy plastic bucket, and move forward alternately step by step.
4.Stackable-The stilts are hollow inside and can be stacked and stored one by one without taking up space. The rope can also be disassembled.
5.The colors are colorful and bright.We have six color:red yellow blue green orange purple. Arouse children's interest and improve children's cognition of colors.

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