Sensory integration training toy massage brush massage ball

Sensory integration training toy massage brush massage ball

Product size:

Massage brush :7*12cm

Massage ball:7cm in diameter

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Product Features:

1. Whole body massage can stimulate the development of tactile sense and stabilize mood.

2. Improve your baby's physical perception ability through squeezing, gripping, grasping, muscle exercise and tactile training.

3. Very suitable for helping people with ADHD, autism or high anxiety. Reduce user stress, anxiety, and improve concentration.

Applicable scene:

Kindergartens, families or special institutions are very suitable for parents, teachers, young children, therapists and anyone else. It can be used for tactile training, bathing, parent-child interaction, etc.

Product Description:

Both upper and lower massage brushes can be used. One side is designed with soft tentacles, the tentacles are about 4cm, the density is suitable, the hand feels comfortable, and it does not hurt the baby's skin. The contacts on the other side are evenly distributed, which stimulates the body at multiple points at the same time, improves the baby's body perception ability, helps children to correct tactile disorders, and makes the baby fall in love with bathing.

Another product is called a massage ball, which has such evenly distributed contacts on the surface. It is about 7 cm long, easy for children to hold, and children can stimulate their palms while massaging.

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