Scooter Board with Safety Handles

Scooter Board with Safety Handles


Product Size:Small:42*38.5*8.5 cm Big:53*40*9cm

Packing:6 pcs/ set


Package Size:Small:43*30*35cm Big:54*41*35cm

Item No:20006-2

place of production:China

Maximum bearing weight:60kg

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Examples of gameplay:

1.Static airplane pose: The child lies prone on the skateboard, centered on the abdomen, the body is close to the skateboard, the head is raised, the chest is raised, the head and neck are raised, and the feet are flexed like a frog swimming. Make your body slide forward against the skateboard, and at the same time stretch your hands back from both sides of the skateboard to keep the skateboard continuing to slide forward.

2.Single traction sliding: Let the child lie prone or supine on the skateboard, pull the rope or handle by hand, and the instructor pulls the rope or handle to drive the child lying on the skateboard to do any movement such as forward, turn and rotate.

3.More ways to play waiting for you to explore.

Product Feature:

1.IMPROVE BALANCE: Work on coordination while having fun with this scooter board for kids.

2.The scooter board with 360 degree rotating wheels. Swivel casters with double bearing for better rolling, and the PU plastic wheels won’t damage floors and noise reduction. Great for users on hard floor surfaces such as gym, classroom, basement, indoor and outdoor…

3.SAFE & DURABLE: Handles keep hands away from rolling wheels, while the hard plastic design is durable and bright. Plastic wheels won’t damage floors

4.INDOOR/OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Perfect for the gym class, blacktop, basement or any hard floor surface.

5.Increase strength and balance. provides sufficient movement and great exercise, which help youngsters develop core strength in both the upper and lower body while having fun. Great for children, kids, teens, and adults.

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