Sensory Integration Indoor Toy Catch Ball Set

Sensory Integration Indoor Toy Catch Ball Set

Material:PP&eva balll

Product Size:ballφ7cm rope length 66cm Ball tube 16.5cm

Color:red yellow blue green orange and purple.

Packing:6pcs in one opp bag, 20 sets per carton

Age:Over three years old

Package Size:74*38*38cm

Item No:20021-2

place of production:China

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This product has six colors, red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. This product mainly exercises children's hand eye coordination and strength control. Our products are emotional teaching aids and toys in a sense. The whole is an ice cream shape, which is made of environmentally friendly PP material, which is not easy to age, and it doesn't matter if it is placed for a long time. The rope connects a ball and a cup. The ball is very soft and won't hurt anyone. The cup body is made of thickened material and frosted texture, which is convenient to hold. There are two ways to play, similar but not exactly the same. Play 1: hold the cup body with one hand, drop the ball naturally, throw the ball forward, and then catch it to exercise the baby's hand eye coordination ability and reaction. Play with both hands at the same time to improve the difficulty. If the strength is too small, it will not be able to catch it. If the strength is too large, it will be too much. Only when the strength is just right can it be caught. Adults will play better. Children's primary contact with this toy requires adults' guidance, and children can also explore by themselves.

Sensory integration training is one of the sensory integration training items, mainly used for children with hyperactivity, poor physical coordination, and sensitive or inadequate touch. Training the hand-eye coordination and cooperation ability. The product uses different bright colors to improve the baby's awareness of colors.

Product Feature:

1.Hand-eye coordination-this product is also known as catching game. This is a product that cultivates the user's hand-eye coordination ability. Throw the ball up with the swing of the arm and catch it with the cup. This helps to develop children's control and responsiveness to power.

2.Use environmentally friendly PP material, non-toxic, tasteless, and not easy to age. The rope connects a ball and a cup. The ball is so soft that it won’t hurt anyone, and it’s light in weight, making it easier for boys and girls to catch the ball. The cup body is made of thick material, matte texture, not easy to slip, more suitable for children's immature hands.

3.Not restricted by the venue-games that can be played indoors and outdoors, just stand in place, throw the ball to catch it, and don't take up space. Young children can play under the guidance of their parents, which is a good choice for parent-child interaction. It is also very suitable for all kinds of activities in kindergartens.

4.Free adjustment-The sphere and the barrel are connected by a rope, and can be fixed by only tying a knot. The user can change the length of the rope according to height or usage habits.

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