Training Balance Stepping Stones

Training Balance Stepping Stones

Packing: 11pcs/ ctn, Carton box((1 pc NO.1; 2 pc NO. 2; 4 pc NO. 3 4 pc NO. 4)

Product size: (XL40*23.5cm L36*15.6cm M34*7.5cm S23*4.5cm

Material: PP

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple

Carton size: 40.5*40.5*36cm


With rubber grips on the bottom, can make kids safe and protect floor, also can strengthen the alibity of bearing

Children balance and motion coordination training;Strength children’s leg muscle;Enhance parent-child interaction

Sensory training equipment can bu used in Indoor, outdoor, home, kindergarten


Provide different tactile and sensory stimulation for tramplers, which is interesting and challenging.

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Non-slip design ( with rubber grips on the bottom, can make kids safe and protect floor, also can strengthen the alibity of bearing.
Stimulating the senses ( step ladders increase touch and increase senses.
Safety ( Safe and environmentally friendly material, harmless and odorless to protect children’s adult safety.
The rounded curved edge design. To prevent children from being injured when play.

How to play:

Makes the river stones in different shape, children can walk on the stones, their are not allowed to drop down. Repeat training can enhance their balance


1. The main body material is slightly elastic, and the child can relieve the pressure of the trampler's knee when trampling on the game.

2. The product is light, the child can easily take and stack, arrange the game path, design the rules of the game, and get the greatest sense of achievement.

Game Value:

1. Help children learn how to adapt to the environment from the game experience.

2. Touch games on the soles of the feet can bring the children emotional stability.

3. Promote vestibular balance stimulation and promote motor coordination and sense of balance.

4. Whole-body action games promote planned motor ability and activate muscle development.

5. It can be used in the development of physical activity, and also can play interesting games in mathematics color, sequence and other cognitive aspects

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