Hopscotch 28cm 38cm 48cm Square Triangle

Hopscotch 28cm 38cm 48cm Square Triangle


Product Size:φ28cm φ36cm φ46cm square and triangle

Color:Regular color and Macaron color

Packing:10 rings+ 10 accessories / set, 12 set/ carton

Package Size:36*36*51cm 29*29*51cm

Age:Over three years old

Item No:20028-1

place of production:China

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As long as you walk steadily, your baby can play with this product. Proper bouncing every day is conducive to growth and development and improve the flexibility and balance of the body. This product has three sizes, 28cm, 38cm, 48CM in diameter, square and triangle. 28cm size for babies under 3 years old. 48 cm circle, adults and children can play. 38cm is more practical, and the baby grows faster. 28cm is not suitable for the size of the baby's feet when the baby grows up. 48CM is relatively large and small. Friends may jump more laboriously. Ten circles are matched with ten buttons. There are two circles of each color. There are seven colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, blue and purple. The material of the circle is very soft, can be twisted and not easy to break. The colors are very bright. Squares and triangles are fresh makaron colors. The button can fix the position of the ring. You can also play without buttons. The buckle installation is very convenient. It can be completed with one press. Children can use their imagination to match different combinations. Both indoor and outdoor. This product is also suitable for kindergartens, so that your child can exercise with her friends and have fun at the same time. This product has passed 3C certification and is made of PP environmental protection material. It is non-toxic and harmless to ensure that you and your children can use the product healthily.

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