Hand-eye coordination toy MARBLE RUN

Hand-eye coordination toy MARBLE RUN

This product is called “Marble run”, which is a feeling toy to practice hand eye coordination. Let the ball pass through the orbit and cycle indefinitely. The track is frosted texture, which makes the ball roll more balanced, which is convenient for children to master the ball movement. The width of the track edge is convenient for children to hold. Children’s hands are tender and use high-quality environmental protection plastic raw materials. We pay special attention to whether the surface of the product is smooth, so that the product has no burrs and does not hurt hands. This product is moderate in size, 28 cm long on the left and 18 cm wide on the right. These two boards can be disassembled and stored conveniently. This small ball is a high elastic solid rubber ball, which is easy to pick up and has good elasticity. The color is also very bright. Falling will not hurt the baby. The baby can also play catch games.

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One of its playing methods requires us to use the cooperation of our hands and eyes to change the direction of the ball. Let the ball roll on this track all the time and can't fall down, which tests the child's hand eye coordination ability and flexibility, and improves the strength of the baby's hand muscles. It seems very simple, but it still needs practice in practice. Office workers and adults at home can also exercise their joint muscles and rotate their eyes. It is an emotional toy regardless of age. When we rotate, we must observe the movement of the ball, see where it has gone, react quickly, turn the turntable up and down, and repeat this action. You can also let the ball roll slowly and give enough reaction, which will train the baby's hand stability and control. You can play standing or sitting. You can also play with your friends to make the game more difficult. Promoting children's friendship can also exercise children's leadership and communication skills. Children can also have fun games to see who falls first.

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