Five pointed star tactile plate

Five pointed star tactile plate

1.Tactile Path comes with curved and straight pieces.

2.The pieces can be connected as a straight, curvy, or circular path, which allows children to work on their balance at a safer height

With the wavy surface design, users need to keep balance while walking on the surface in different directions and heights.

3.The textured surface with protruding dots and lines stimulate tactile perception, the anti-slip dots on the bottom ensure the best safety.

4.the slop is ergonomically designed to match with the arches of the foot. children can stretch the muscles and release tensions of their feet.

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Kindergarten-Product characteristics:

1. The "quills" on the paths stimulate the neural system of feet.

The unique protruding dots on the paths stimulate users' foot soles and enhance their balance and coordination.

2. Stepping on Tactile Path enhances children’s movement and balance ability

The curve and round walking path set can stimulate children's balance of both sides.

Enhance children's movement and balance ability.

The design of Curve Path provides a more challenging exercise for children to achieve better balance

3. This design is helpful for children with flat feet.

The way of playing balance beam:

1.The tactile paths and square blocks can create different paths as wish.

2.the pieces can be reconfigured into different directions with Square Block

3.Create a variety of routes by using straight paths, curve paths and square blocks.

can be arranged as paths with curved and straight lines.

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